Types of aged care assessments

If you would like to access care at home, either for yourself or for a loved one, you may be eligible to have some of the costs subsidised by the Government.

Here is a quick guide on how to access Government subsidised care and some of the assessments you may need.

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Home care packages

Accessing Government subsidised home care packages requires a free of charge ACAT (Aged Care Assessment Team) assessment for people living in WA, QLD, NSW and NT, or an ACAS (Aged Care Assessment Service) assessment for those living in Victoria.

Any older Australian living at home requiring extra assistance can be assessed and these teams will determine your eligibility for home care funding, as well as the level of care that would suit your requirements.

You can ask your GP, social worker or other health professional for a referral to your local ACAT / ACAS team. A discharge planner might also make this referral if you are in hospital. Alternatively you can also refer yourself directly by calling My Aged Care on 1800 200 422.

The ACAT or ACAS team will come to you, usually at your home, and discuss with you and your family members (if you would like them present), your care needs. In consultation with you, they will determine your eligibility for home care and one of four levels of packaged care.

Learn a bit more about what happens at this assessment in this great article.

You may also like to let the ACAT / ACAS team know if you or a loved one assisting you with care, will be needing some temporary or respite assistance as part of this package.

We can also contact your local ACAT / ACAS team on your behalf, simply get in touch with a friendly team by calling 1300 20 20 03.

Private Care Services

Enrich offers a variety of services in the home under Private Care Services. Private care may suit you if you are not eligible for Government subsidised services or it will enable you to ‘top up’ your existing package with additional services to meet your care and lifestyle needs.

Private care options will support clients through interim or temporary situations, such as after an operation or to support them whilst waiting for their aged care assessment or package to come through.

All you need to do is simply need to get in touch for an obligation free discussion about your needs. Private Care Services may suit you if you are not eligible for government subsidised home care packages, or if you want to top up a package with additional services to suit your needs.

Veterans’ Care

Veterans may be eligible for support under either the Veteran’s Home Care program or the Department of Veteran’s Affairs Community Nursing Program (DVA). These programs offer different types of services and the assessment processes differ also. If in doubt, we do suggest you chat to your GP or one of our friendly staff can also point you in the right direction.

Veteran’s Home Care Program

Offering basic support services at home, you will need a Veterans’ Home Care Assessment Agency assessment. This assessment usually happens over the phone but the assessor might also arrange, where needed, a home based assessment.

To access this program, you must be a veteran (or war widow / widowers) of the Australian Defence force, hold a Gold or White card and be living at home. To book an assessment call the Veterans’ Home Care Assessment Agency on 1300 550 450.

Department of Veterans’ Affairs Community Nursing Program

If you are a Government recognised veteran (or war widow / widower) (hold a DVA gold or white health card) and are assessed by the Department of Veteran’s Affairs as needing in-home clinical care, then you may be able to access the Department of Veterans’ Affairs funded Community Nursing Program.

You will need a referral to the Veterans’ Home Care Assessment Agency to be assessed for this program. You can contact the agency by calling 1300 550 450. Your GP can also refer you.

Commonwealth Home Support (CHSP) Program

The Commonwealth Home Support Program offers a variety of different home care and respite services and supports, and is often a good place to start if you are needing entry level support or just a little support each week. You are able to access services like cleaning help or personal care and a range of other home support services. CHSP also offers a variety of different carer support and respite programs to support the carer relationship.

To arrange a Regional Assessment Service (RAS) assessment, simply call My Aged Care on 1800 200 422. This assessment is more simple than an ACAT assessment and can usually take place over the phone.

Home and Community Care (HACC) Program

In WA you may come across the joint state and federally funded HACC program. The HACC program offers lower level support at home. Be advised that this program has been absorbed into the CHSP as of 1st July 2018. To arrange your assessment, the process is the same as for CHSP.

The friendly Enrich team can help book most assessments for you or answer any questions you might have. Simply call 1300 20 20 03.

Allied Health Wellness & Therapy Centre

In South West Country WA, the Allied Health Wellness & Therapy Centre, provides sessions weekly, these may include;

  • Keeping healthy and active with low impact exercise sessions
  • Balance and falls prevention programs
  • Strengthening exercises
    Alternative therapy options and relaxation

Our physiotherapist provides a active program, a referral from MAC is required. Speak to your GP or call the My Aged Care for an assessment. There may be a very small fee, depending on the session

Contact for help organising your assessment Download our 7 step infographic to access home care

Your guide to comparing home care providers

If you would like to access care at home, either for yourself or for a loved one, you may be eligible to have the associated costs subsidised by the Government. Learn about the types of assessments you might need to access support at home.

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Quick Start - quick home care options

If you would like to access care at home, either for yourself or for a loved one, you may be eligible to have the associated costs subsidised by the Government. Learn about the types of assessments you might need to access support at home.

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  • How much does home care cost?
    Most home care is subsidised by the Government. For subsidised care, depending on your needs and circumstances, you might be asked to contribute to your paying for your some of your home care. How much you contribute depends mostly on your needs and your ability to contribute. Learn more about how the Government subsidy works
  • What is a home care package?
    A home care package is a Government subsidised package of care designed to help older Australians to live at home for as long as they wish based on their own needs. There are 4 levels of stepped home care packages available, each based on your level of care needs. Level 1 is designed to meet basic support needs and level 4 suits those with higher clinical care needs. If you want to continue enjoying your independence at home but need some assistance to maintain your health and wellbeing, a home care package may be right for you. They can be fully personalised around what your goals and needs.
  • I’m in a queue for home care and can’t wait
    Most types of Government subsidised home care have long waiting lists. If you are waiting for a home care package but need some support in the interim then our Quick Start program might be right for you. You can also explore Respite Care options, some which can be accessed if you are providing regular support to a loved one or friend. Other Government programs like the Commonwealth Home Support Program may also offer some relief. Contact us for more information about further emergency options.
  • How do I get a home care package?
    We really recommend you start planning for home care when you think you might be needing a little extra help. It is good to be aware that there are wait times for Government subsidised care. We recommend as a very first step, even if you don't know what services you will be need, to arrange your aged care assessment. We can help you book this assessment or you can ask your GP to book one for you. Download our free infographic to learn how to navigate your way through the home care packages process.