Busting myths about switching home care providers

Do you think there might be a better home care provider out there for you but you are worried about switching. Changing home care providers is an easy process. Here are 7 common myths about switching home care providers busted!

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Myth #1 | I can’t take my home care package to another provider

Busted: You are free to choose any approved provider at any time to manage your home care package. You have total control over the type of care and services you access, including who delivers the service and on what days.

Myth #2 | It is difficult to take your home care package to another provider

Busted: It is actually a simple and straightforward process to change providers. Our handy 5-step checklist (download below) will help you switch with ease using 5 simple steps to guide you.

Myth #3 | Your current provider must agree before you can change to a new provider

Busted: You have complete control over which provider manages your home care package. When you decide to switch your package and have chosen a new provider, you should start with letting your provider know you will be changing to make sure enough time is given to arrange the switch. You can then align your new services to begin, making sure there are no gaps in your service.

Myth #4 | Your provider gets to set the ‘cessation’ or end date not yourself

Busted: It is best you and your provider agree on an end date or ‘cessation date’ of your services. It is not solely up to the provider. Most of the providers have a two-week notice period. Make sure you check your home care agreement for the notice period clause, before you switch.

Myth #5 | You will lose the balance of your home care package funds to your current provider if you decide to switch to a new provider

Busted: If you do switch providers, you get to keep all of your unspent funds and they will automatically be transferred across to the new provider once you have completed the switching process. Your ex-provider has to notify you of the unspent funds within the 56 day window period from the cessation of your package.

Myth #6 | It will cost you money to change providers

Busted: Some providers do charge exit fees but you only have to pay an exit fee if it is written into your existing home care agreement – so check your current agreement. Also, you will only be asked to pay it if you have enough unspent funds to cover he requested exit fee. You will not have to pay from your own pocket. Your unspent home care package funds or government subsidy will move with you to your new provider. Learn more about the costs here.

Myth #7 | Home care prices are mostly fixed and usually non-negotiable

Busted: You can and should negotiate fees and ask about all the different costs associated with your home care package. Read our home care provider shopping guide for useful tips when comparing providers.

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Our 5-step guide to making your home care switch

Do you feel it is difficult to change home care providers? Get the facts in this article that busts 7 common home care provider switching myths.

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Home Care Package Health Check

Do you feel it is difficult to change home care providers? Get the facts in this article that busts 7 common home care provider switching myths.

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  • How do I choose the right home care provider?
    Shopping around for a home care provider, comparing the differences can be overwhelming and confusing. But there are some good ways to make sure you get the best deal to suit you and your family and find a good match for your lifestyle and needs. One top tip is to make sure you look at hours provided in your home care package, as well as see if the provider is a good match to your own values and wishes. Read more helpful tips in our guide to comparing home care providers.
  • I’m in a queue for home care and can’t wait
    Most types of Government subsidised home care have long waiting lists. If you are waiting for a home care package but need some support in the interim then our Quick Start program might be right for you. You can also explore Respite Care options, some which can be accessed if you are providing regular support to a loved one or friend. Other Government programs like the Commonwealth Home Support Program may also offer some relief. Contact us for more information about further emergency options.
  • How do I get a home care package?
    We really recommend you start planning for home care when you think you might be needing a little extra help. It is good to be aware that there are wait times for Government subsidised care. We recommend as a very first step, even if you don't know what services you will be need, to arrange your aged care assessment. We can help you book this assessment or you can ask your GP to book one for you. Download our free infographic to learn how to navigate your way through the home care packages process.