Quick Start – quick home care options

Access affordable private home care services through the Enrich Quick Start service. Quick Start is a discounted block of private home care services hours that can be used an an ongoing or emergency basis for support at home.

It particularly suits those waiting for Government subsidised care or in national home care queue or those looking for quick or emergency help.

It also suits those who don’t want Government subsidised care or don’t qualify for part or full subsidy. Read more about private care services.

Grandfather holding toy giraffe playing with grand daughter

Quick Start offers a range of home support services that can be purchased as a 5-hour block or service at a discounted rate of $199 for 5 hours. The services need to be used within the week. You can continue to use Quick Start as long as is needed.

The good thing is you have the choice to mix and match any services from personal assistance, social activities, domestic help including cleaning, gardening, maintenance help and food help.

Quick Start services are available Monday to Friday from 8 am to 6 pm, except public holidays.

Terms and conditions apply.
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