• How do I share my feedback?

    We encourage all types of feedback to help improve our services to you. The easiest way to share your feedback is to complete our feedback form. You can also call 1300 20 20 03 and ask to speak to a team member from our governance team.

    Learn more about the different ways to provide your feedback here.

  • What is respite care?

    Respite care is a form of care services offering relief to a carer / care giver who is providing ongoing support to another person, usually a loved one. Respite care can be on a planned basis such as regular break hours for the care giver through services like home care or used in an emergency such as when a person needs extra care such as returning home after hospital. Respite care is important both for the carer / care giver and the for the carer relationship as care giving is often stressful for all involved. Learn more about what respite care is here.

  • How do we use and disclose your personal information?

    When you enquire about our services or when you become a client of Enrich Living Services, a record is made which includes personal information such as your name, address, date of birth, contact details and emergency contact details. Personal information collected about you to provide, or in providing, healthcare services is considered health information and is treated as sensitive information.

    Your personal information will usually be shared with other persons involved in your care. Generally, this will only happen in ways you would reasonably expect or otherwise with your consent. For example, our organisation may disclose your personal information to your GP or to a medical specialist involved in your care; to a hospital, transitional care or aged care facility if you are referred for respite or higher levels of care; or to other healthcare professionals who are involved in your care such as nurses, occupational therapists, pharmacists, physiotherapists, podiatrists, dentists and the ambulance service.

    In an emergency, we may provide personal information to other healthcare professionals, health services and emergency services without your consent. For more information view our Privacy Policy

  • I’m a health practitioner, how can I help my patients/clients get the home care they need?

    Enrich is committed to working closely with GPs, allied health professionals and your patients by offering ongoing advice, support, education, easy referral, patient feedback processes and a variety of other helpful resources.

    See how we can assist your practice help your patients with their home care needs here.

  • What is Community Connections? How can I get involved?

    As we grow a little older, we sometimes lose touch with friends or the things we used to enjoy doing out in the community.

    The Enrich Community Connections program is a unique year round social calendar inspired by what our clients tell us they would like to do and includes a range of exciting events, outings, concerts, weekends away, food and wine tours and a whole lot more.  Best of all, you can access this program through your Government subsidised home care.

    Learn more about Community Connections here.

  • How do I choose the right home care provider?

    Shopping around for a home care provider, comparing the differences can be overwhelming and confusing.

    But there are some good ways to make sure you get the best deal to suit you and your family and find a good match for your lifestyle and needs.

    One top tip is to make sure you look at hours provided in your home care package, as well as see if the provider is a good match to your own values and wishes. Read more helpful tips in our guide to comparing home care providers.

  • Is home care right for me?

    Most people want to stay at home as they age. However, a sudden incident or loss can prompt questions surrounding needing additional support and care.

    Home care services suit many people and can be personalised and coordinated to adapt to your changing needs. Services in a home care package or under Private Care Services can also be designed to help prevent any health deterioration or sudden accidents like a fall that can result in hospitalisation or the need for higher level care.

    Rest assured, a lot of people manage to age happily at home and the support is available to do this on your own terms. If your goal is to stay healthy and happy at home, then a home care package can assist you to do this but in some situations residential care might suit you better.

    Read our comparison blog In Home vs Residential Care.

  • What can a home care package be used for?

    Home care packages are designed to allow people to remain living at home, on their own terms for as long as is possible. For different people, this will mean different priorities and goals and of course, a different looking home care package.

    You can full personalise a home care package and choose the types of services you need. You might choose from things like help with household tasks and activities such as housekeeping, laundry, gardening, meal preparation or event choose to get out and about a little more or enjoy some social companionship.

    If your needs are more complex, then you may be assessed as needing a higher level package (level 3 or 4). These are very flexible and aimed at assisting you with more complex health needs, as you age at home.

    Use the Personalise your Home Care Plan tool to see a tailored plan based on the support and in home services you need.


  • Home care is confusing. Where do I start?

    Navigating your way through the home care process can be stressful.

    With so many options we recommend starting your home care provider search early and do a little planning. There is currently a national waiting list to get a Government subsidised home care package, so the sooner you start your research you will then be ready to make a well informed choice when you get your package.

    Sometimes it is a great idea, just to ring a few providers when you start who often guide people through the process and can really help with avoiding some of the pitfalls that make home care more confusing. A good provider will spend some time going through your options with you and even book appropriate assessments if need.

    Explore all our great guides and resources in the Helpful Resources section for some great tips.

    This website is designed to simplify information for you, so if you are just starting out make sure to select that option on the top right hand corner so we can give only the information that will best help you get started.

  • What if I can’t afford to contribute to my home care?

    If you cannot afford to contribute to the costs of your home care, you may be eligible to be considered for financial hardship provisions. Depending on your individual situation, your fees may be reduced or waived, with the Government paying all or some of these costs. After you are assessed for your income-tested care fee, speak to a friendly team member at Enrich for further assistance or we may be able to assist you with an application for financial hardship through the Department of Human Services. Get in touch here.

  • How much does home care cost?

    Most home care is subsidised by the Government. For subsidised care, depending on your needs and circumstances, you might be asked to contribute to your paying for your some of your home care. How much you contribute depends mostly on your needs and your ability to contribute.

    Learn more about how the Government subsidy works

  • What is a home care package?

    A home care package is a Government subsidised package of care designed to help older Australians to live at home for as long as they wish based on their own needs.

    There are 4 levels of stepped home care packages available, each based on your level of care needs. Level 1 is designed to meet basic support needs and level 4 suits those with higher clinical care needs.

    If you want to continue enjoying your independence at home but need some assistance to maintain your health and wellbeing, a home care package may be right for you.

    They can be fully personalised around what your goals and needs.

  • I’m in a queue for home care and can’t wait

    Most types of Government subsidised home care have long waiting lists. If you are waiting for a home care package but need some support in the interim then our Quick Start program might be right for you. You can also explore Respite Care options, some which can be accessed if you are providing regular support to a loved one or friend. Other Government programs like the Commonwealth Home Support Program may also offer some relief.

    Contact us for more information about further emergency options.

  • How do I get a home care package?

    We really recommend you start planning for home care when you think you might be needing a little extra help. It is good to be aware that there are wait times for Government subsidised care. We recommend as a very first step, even if you don’t know what services you will be need, to arrange your aged care assessment. We can help you book this assessment or you can ask your GP to book one for you. Download our free infographic to learn how to navigate your way through the home care packages process.