Home care is confusing. Where do I start?

Navigating your way through the home care process can be stressful. With so many options we recommend starting your home care provider search early and do a little planning. There is currently a national waiting list to get a Government subsidised home care package, so the sooner you start your research you will then be ready to make a well informed choice when you get your package. Sometimes it is a great idea, just to ring a few providers when you start who often guide people through the process and can really help with avoiding some of the pitfalls that make home care more confusing. A good provider will spend some time going through your options with you and even book appropriate assessments if need. Explore all our great guides and resources in the Helpful Resources section for some great tips. This website is designed to simplify information for you, so if you are just starting out make sure to select that option on the top right hand corner so we can give only the information that will best help you get started.