A 90th birthday wish for Beatrice

Known for her adventurous soul, Beatrice wanted to mark her extra special birthday by doing something out of the ordinary.

09th Mar 2018

Earlier in the year, an Enrich staff member asked one of our clients Beatrice, if there was anything special she wanted to do for her upcoming 90th birthday. Known for her adventurous soul, she wanted to mark this extra special birthday by doing something out of the ordinary.

“Well I have never been in a helicopter before, I have always wanted to, but the opportunity has just never come up” Beatrice said with a cheeky grin.

A few months later, we were extremely privileged to help Beatrice tick another item off her wish list through the Community Connections program, while also celebrating her 90th in great style, and took her up for scenic helicopter flight above Perth. Beatrice was joined by many of her friends, whom she has recently met through the program’s regular day outings and trips who waited eagerly for their turn to take off from Jandakot Airport.

Before the excited group could head to the helicopters for takeoff, the friendly staff at Heliwest ran through all the necessary safety procedures while keeping things light with a few select chosen helicopter themed jokes. It was then time for the birthday girl and friends to head through the very large helicopter hanger onto the tarmac, in preparation for the mornings first flight. There was of course time for a few photos with the young pilot Tim, before Beatrice and a chosen few, were helped up into the cockpit and set up with their own very cool flight helmets, for her first ever helicopter flight.

When up at their maximum altitude, passengers were treated to some truly amazing scenic views above the south coast of Perth. These included views of the city skyline, it’s pristine southern beaches and also WA’s famous Rottnest Island and its neighbor, Garden Island. After everyone in the group had their chance to enjoy their scenic flight above Perth, the gathering enjoyed a special birthday lunch at the nearby Aviators Café, where all were eager to discuss their experience and present Beatrice with some lovely birthday gifts, all while having an up close view of the seemingly endless list of planes and helicopters taking off and landing.

When asked about how she enjoyed most about the program “What I love the most is the getting out and about and not having to watch that dreadful daytime TV all the time, I also have loved making some great new friends, there are even a couple of special ladies where we even catch up outside of the program outings now, it’s just lovely as we talk for hours and hours about our mutual passions for crafts and gardening” Beatrice explained.

Since joining the Community Connections program, Beatrice’s family along with program staff have clearly noticed how much happier she appears now and how getting out and about socially, has seen significant improvements in both her physical and mental health.

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