Short Term Restorative Care (STRC)

An STRC program lets you take advantage of specialist knowledge to feel strong, healthy and happy again. Short-term Restorative Care (STRC) is designed to help you recover from injury or illness.

It aims to get you moving and helps you retain your independence. What’s more it is completely driven by you. You identify the goals and let us know what you’d like to achieve. We then match you with the right program and the relevant experts to help you reach those goals.  Over eight weeks we work together to deliver the program in the comfort of your home or within the community.

Am I Eligible for STRC?

You may be eligible for STRC services if you are an older person and you:

  • are slowing down mentally, or physically, or both
  • need help with everyday tasks
  • want to stay independent, and out of long-term ongoing care arrangements.


If you are receiving veteran services, disability services through the National Disability Insurance Scheme or support at home through the Commonwealth Home Support Program, you may still be eligible to receive STRC.


How do I Access STRC?

An aged care assessment with an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) will let you know if you are eligible to receive STRC. Once approved, Enrich Living Services can coordinate the services on your behalf to ensure you achieve your goals.

To find out if you are eligible please call our Home Care advisors on 1300 20 20 03.

Service Areas

Enrich Living Services has STRC placements in WA, QLD and NT for your convenience.

See more for eligibility here. 


Day respite centres

With an ever-rotating calendar of activities, our Day Respite Centres program offers participants a rewarding, stimulating and social day out of the home in a local community centre, while their carer enjoys a day to themselves. Participation is heavily discounted.

Explore our Day Respite Centres in WA