Activities for seniors to enjoy this holiday season


Everyone loves taking part in the holiday season fun and there’s no reason anyone should miss out if they want to be involved — including seniors receiving in-home aged-care services.

Here are some great ways to celebrate the season in true festive spirit.

Decorate the house

Getting into the full spirit of the holiday season by putting up a tree and decorating the house can sometimes feel like a lot of bother. Many of us stop making the effort after the kids have left home, or we skip a year if we know the grandkids aren’t coming around to visit.

But putting up decorations is part of the ritual of the holidays and they provide a lot of cheer. Much-loved old decorations can bring back happy memories of holidays past. Dig out the box of decorations from the back of the cupboard. If you need help putting the decorations up, ask someone – it’s a fun activity you can do together.

Join in the carolling

Carolling is for everyone — even those of us who think we can’t sing! It’s all about the happiness of joining in the joy of the holidays. Look for Carols by Candelight events in your local area, or ask your aged-care in-home services provider if they’re hosting a carolling event. If you need transportation to get there, as us how.

Go to church

Whether you’re religious or not, many people make the effort to go to church over the holidays. If it’s a part of your family tradition, don’t miss out on it just because you’d be going alone or because it’s too difficult to get there.

Call a family member or a friend you know would like to go, and ask if they’ll take you. Most people are very happy to oblige. Don’t forget, your aged-care service provider can help you with transportation, too, and can provide a companion to sit beside you in the pew and sing alongside you for the hymns.

Make decorations

Making decorations is a fun activity you can get everyone involved in. Why not have some friends over to make wreaths or decorate baubles together? If you’re crafty, you can teach everyone how to do it. If you’re not, get a crafty friend along to share their wisdom. There’s an added bonus to making  decorations: they make great presents for friends and family.

Host a  party

When we imagine “hosting” over the holidays, we probably imagine basting turkeys, stuffing chickens and cutting up carrots, parsnips and potatoes. But not every gathering has to involve a roast lunch.

Invite some friends and family around for a get-together and celebrate your friendship. Keep the food and beverages simple and enjoy each other’s company. Play board games or card games, if that’s what you all enjoy doing.

If you normally get some support with aged-care services at home, talk to your provider. They’ll be only too happy to help you host your party, including shopping ahead of time, tidying your house and garden, and assisting with both set-up and (importantly) clean-up.

Go see the festive lights

One of the season’s more wonderful spectacles is festive light displays. Some people spend all year planning their festive light display (and goodness knows what their electricity bills must be like!) so you can be sure to see some very clever, enchanting and even hilarious light displays.

Get a group of friends or family together and go for a drive around your neighbourhood. The best lights will be well advertised in your local paper, or perhaps on your council’s website. If you need transportation, don’t forget you can always ask your care-at-home provider.

Get involved

If you’re spending the holidays with family or friends, ask them how you can contribute. Perhaps you can bake a slice or cake that has long been a family favourite? Do they need help wrapping piles of presents for the kids? Perhaps you could play Santa on Christmas Day?

Everyone likes to feel useful and, more often than not, whoever is responsible for hosting the festivities will be very pleased to have an offer of help! Have a think about how you can get involved in your celebrations, no matter where you’re spending the day.

However you’re spending your holidays, don’t forget there are a range of home care services available to you through your home care provider to help fill your festive season with comfort and joy. Tell us what you need. We can help by providing breaks for carers; popping in for welfare checks; hosting events your event; arranging transportation, shopping, and meal planning; and even checking on your home while you’re away.



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