7 ways to enrich your festive season if you’re home alone


The festive season is a wonderful time of celebration with family and friends. But it can also be a difficult time for those of us who, for a variety of reasons, find ourselves alone at this time of year.

If you’re spending all or some of the season alone this year, or if you’re feeling isolated or even just that you’re missing out on the fun you’d like to have, here are some tips to help you have a rich and rewarding holiday season.

Say yes to things

Sometimes we choose to be on our own. Perhaps we say no to an invitation because we don’t want to be a bother, we think the person inviting us is just being polite, or we think it’ll be too complicated to actually get to the event. Then we can find ourselves feeling lonely, knowing we’re missing out on something.

It can be hard to do, especially if you’re naturally an introvert, but decide to say yes to things instead. If someone invites you to something, assume they want you to be there!

If you fear you’ll have trouble getting to the event, or you’re worried about going alone, ask us for transport or for a companion to accompany you.

Be involved

Think about ways you can become involved and keep yourself busy over the holiday period. Perhaps you have skills and energy you could put towards some volunteering efforts? There are lots of groups that need help at this time of year.

But there are also plenty of groups and activities you could join. Look for community events in your area, or ask your aged-care in-
home services provider what events they’re putting on over the festive period.

Enjoy your solitude

If you are unavoidably alone over the festive season make the most of your time. Plan out your day or days, filling them with the things you love doing. If that’s doing crosswords, get yourself a bumper book of brainteasers. If it’s watching Netflix, plan a series to binge watch. Treat yourself to the things you love, too. The holidays is a time of indulgence and just because you’re alone this year, it doesn’t mean you should miss out! Have your favourite foods and treats on standby.

Have friends over

Why not invite a few friends over for a few hours over the holiday season? You could host a festive morning tea, or an afternoon of board games or cards. Your home care services provider will be able to help you with preparation and clean-up.

Consider respite

If you receive aged-care at-home support services, talk to your provider about respite options over the holiday period. They often have a range of activities for you to choose from. Not only does it mean you’ll be around other people, you’ll also get to meet new people, too. It’s a great way to make new friendships that will keep on giving throughout the year! If you are a carer, this guide will help with your respite options for you and your loved one.

Ask for extra companionship

Your in-home aged-care service provider will also have extra companions available over the holiday period to help sprinkle a little cheer. They’ll be more than happy to have someone pop their head in for a few hours and see how you’re going, celebrate the season, and give you a hand with anything you need. Ask us how.

Stay active

If you’re feeling lonely or if you’re just a bit down about being alone, try to keep yourself active. Exercise not only helps relieve boredom, it also gets the blood flowing, pumping oxygen to your brain and helping you feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Do some exercises in your home, get out in the garden, or go for a short walk in the fresh air. It’ll help clear the mind. These 7 benefits of exercise  will help to keep you motivated.

Call if you can’t cope

If the time comes and things are feeling tough, you still don’t have to be alone. Call someone for a chat. If you have close family and friends who can’t be with you on the day, phone them for a chat during the day – and you can bring cheer to each other.

You can also call Lifeline on 13 11 14 at any time, night or day.

If you receive care at home, you can also call your home care provider.


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